Who is Christopher

I am  CHRISTOPHER KALEMBA, born  on  11th August  1960  in  Southern  Uganda  near the  boarder  of  Uganda  and  Tanzania, in Nkoni  village, Kakuuto  sub-county, Rakai District. My  mother -  who  is  still  alive  - gave birth to six children  (all boys!)  and I am the fifth eldest and  the  only  one still alive  today! All my brothers died between  the age of 20  and 39! Like so may other people in our area, all my brothers died because of HIV/AIDS which started to spread in our area. That is why I encouraged village-mates to start  Nkoni  school, the primary reason being to assist  orphans in  1993.

I  donated 6 acres of land and the school was built! The school is called  Nkoni  Education Centre. It currently has 624 pupils, out of which 350 are orphans. All my brothers died in the late  1980s and early 1990s leaving children under the age of 10 years! The neighbouring  villages were also full of orphans  and needy children and this  school  has enabled  many  of  them  to  receive  an education.. We have also had many children who continued with their training and as adults they are now employed at the school.


I  went  to  primary and secondary school and continued my education by going to University which  I’m still attending! I  have  a diploma  in  Social  Work  and  Social  Administration  plus  other  certificates in public  administration and project management!


At present I  head  a sub-county  local  government  as  chairperson and I have been doing this for the last  ten years!  I  will  not  renew  my  contract since I   hope  to  concentrate on  the Nkoni project in  the  coming  years!


I have been married  to Rosemary  Nantongo  for  the  last 25 years  and we  have 9 children, two of them will soon  finish university.


Dona adesso!