The project: Nkoni Educational Centre

 The initial idea for the project came from just two people: Eva and Christopher. with the idea and initiative of just two peole, Eva and Christopher, who regularly give up part of the or free time and resources to give the children of Nkoni the possibility of a better future. Most of the children here are orphans of aids because of the epidemic inflicted on the south Uganda. 

The social fabric of the area has been strengthened thanks to the continuation and sustainability of the project over the last 20 years. It all started when Christoher, a local landowner in Nkoni, Uganda, donated a part of his  land  with the specific aim of building a school for the orphaned  children of Nkoni, managed in a sustainable way entirely by local people. And so the Nkoni educational Centre was born. However, it soon became clear that after a long walk of miles every morning to school with no possibility of eating during the day whilst at school and after a full day of lessons, the children were falling asleep exhausted. Local women rose to this challenge and started taling in in turns to cook a meal for the hungry children.

An opportunity emerged to help some of the children who did well in primary school to continue their studies beyond primary achool. And so the idea of sponsoring a promising child  began, these children then continued studying and learning a trade.  

With time, thanks to numerous sponsors initially from all over Italy, the project developed With the construction of two new classrooms,  a first aid building and a library. Now, around 30 students are sponsored each year to the level of secondary school with specialist studies in nursing, teaching with the first student from Nkoni Sponsored to attend university in Kampala.

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